"HariOm Equipments" is a well-known manufacturer, supplier, dealer, wholesaler of All types of Commercial Kitchen Equipment for the Canteen, Hospital, Cafeteria, Industries, cafes, Hotel, and Restaurant. We also provide consultation services which include kitchen planning, designing, remolding.

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Commercial Kitchen Equipment

A Complete Guide to find the best Commercial kitchen equipment.

Buying equipment for a Commercial kitchen may be costly. I know how annoying it is to keep seeding money with less kitchen equipment.

Don't worry. You are on the correct path. Hariom equipment is the best Commercial Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers.

You will get a to z purchasing guide about commercial kitchen utensils.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment

The Kitchen or Cookhouse is vital for every family, especially women. Commercial Kitchens are different from normal kitchens you will find in every household. These Kitchens are used in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, Canteen or Cafeteria. Commercial Cuisine contains heavy kitchen accessories to prepare foods in larger quantities(e.g., preparing foods for customers). To prepare foods in larger quantities and conveniently, you will need excellent kitchen equipment and gadgets.

It becomes difficult to prepare and cook foods comfortably without good tools and equipment. If you Manage businesses like restaurants and hotels, Customer or client satisfaction becomes essential for foods. Hence the conclusion is you will need an excellent Manufacturer. Hariom equipment can provide you with all your necessary Commercial kitchen equipment and tools in bulk at low prices.

Commercial Kitchen Importance

Today, most people or Modern businesses do not use old-fashioned cooking methods to cook food products(which involves Stove). Thus, kitchens are becoming essential. Without a commercial kitchen, you will face a lot of problems. Therefore, choosing a reputable manufacturer for your Commercial Kitchen is necessary.

We Manufacture Hitech Commercial Kitchen Equipment for industrial, small restaurants, hotels, hospitals, etc. Storage is an important aspect of any modern home. We also build Storage Racks that are used for the storage of food and other meals. It helps keep the foods healthy and safe, making the job easy. We are from one of the best Commercial kitchen companies.
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Commercial Kitchen with Good Design.

We designed these Commercial Cook rooms using the latest trends so that you don't have to tense about every tool of the Cuisine. We keep the flooring plan very simple. We maintain safety equipment also.

Our Principal Motive is Customer Happiness, Satisfaction, and comfort. We support the structure of our Kitchen and the Quality range of Commercial kitchen equipment. The Kitchen or Cuisine even looks better when designed in style. We use Different styles and setups(e.g., L-Shaped and U-Shaped).

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation and Construction

If you need to enhance or create a brand new kitchen, you will need an excellent corporation. We construct kitchens with better ventilation systems based on modern trends(e.g., Assembly, Galley, Island). Hariom kitchen provides you with good Kitchen consulting and planning services.

It can include all necessary elements of your Kitchen, including layout, dimension, and setup. We also provide the best services for all six kitchen layouts and Smart Cuisine Equipment and tools For Commercial Operations.

Commercial Kitchen Plan, Structure

We are the best planner for Commercial Kitchen. Our Commercial kitchen designs are suitable for small layout kitchens also. Hariom equipment has experts and professionals who provide structure and proper planning to Commercial and Modern Cuisines.

We design every kitchen or Cuisine outlook based on our Customers' requirements. We provide the best Kitchen consulting services in India(e.g., Cloud, Commercial, dark Kitchen consulting services). Hariom equipment offers Fresh food concepts for equipment to assemble the latest trends.

Stainless steel commercial kitchen equipment

Kitchen furnishings have different sizes and qualities of Materials. Most commercial kitchen stores and units use professional Gadgets, accessories, and equipment. Strong quality of kitchen equipment is mandatory for long-run business. Most enterprises do not use excellent quality material to build kitchen equipment, resulting in bad quality of equipment, which is not good for your business.

Don't worry. Hariom Equipment makes Commercial appliances and equipment using Excellent Quality Materials of stainless steel, which is easy to clean and disinfect. We have the best stainless steel commercial kitchen equipment manufacturing machines. With the help of this machine, we manufacture complete commercial kitchen appliances with optimum quality materials. We are the top commercial kitchen equipment suppliers in India.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers in Mumbai

Commercial Kitchen equipment is available at the lowest cost and a reasonable price in Mumbai. We produce various system providers such as Pantry fish fry business, kitchen refrigeration, etc. Hence choosing the right setup fabricators for your Commercial Kitchen is essential. We are Top in the field of Manufacturing Commercial Kitchen Equipment in Mumbai.

We sell the best business kitchen equipment. Our commercial products are strong enough for any commercial kitchen. Your commercial Kitchen can serve more than 500 customers with the help of our commercial kitchen gadgets. We make sales of necessary Commercial kitchen equipment. Additionally, these commercial equipment are elegant designs that adapt to the available space.

Uses and Benefits of Commercial Kitchen accessories

A commercial kitchen contains a microwave oven to break or heat the foods. Toaster machine, fridge freezer for cooling food items. Dishwasher for washing plates, equipment, and small utensils. Commercial cooking equipment like an Electric cooker for cooking various foods. A countertop fryer. Cooking kettles for tea. The sink is used for washing and keeping food items. Gas stoves are used for cooking food items fast, and racks are used to store and display small food items.

These are the best and most reliable commercial kitchen appliances to buy from Hariom kitchens. If you can approach a good Commercial Kitchen Equipment Manufacturer, you can get even better quality appliances along with energy-saving durability. A significant benefit and difference between a home kitchen and a commercial kitchen are, you can prepare any food without facing any issue because of high standard professional kitchen equipment.

Used Commercial kitchen equipment

A commercial kitchen with used or refurbished equipment does not suit the business. Straightforward reasons are that refurbished commercial kitchen equipment is not capable of long term. These equipment look better, but they are fragile and delicate from the inside. Hence old commercial kitchen equipment is not worth buying.

You can purchase fully equipped commercial kitchen equipment from Hariom equipment at a low price range. Our kitchen equipment is strong and capable of handling big kitchen tasks also. We are the top Commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers and suppliers.

Services(Support Services for Commercial Kitchens)

We have a first-class workforce and a producer group. To meet the needs of our customers, we provide all the Commercial tools and equipment in large quantities. We also supply our Kitchen or Cuisine stuff, devices, articles, equipment to the tiny food businesses: our creative manufacturing processes and commitment to excellence in professional service.

We are top-class Commercial Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers. Sometimes small enterprises face funding issues at the time of startups. Hariom equipment also supports small business models and sells our products at low prices. We have built a good bond between our clients regarding support and help. That's why we have a wide range of customers worldwide.

After Sales Services (Repairing and Services)

We provide services like repairing and remodeling our equipment in after-sales services. If any of our products are found faulty or require any services, we are happy to do so. We keep safety measures while delivering our products.

Our shipping services and quality is excellent so that our products do not get damaged. We have a team of employers who provide support services to our Customers. After-sales services and customer support are essential attributes of the manufacturing enterprise.

Commercial Kitchens satisfy all safety and wellness guidelines.

We make Modern Galley setup and accessories with an excellent team of employees. Our employees maintain hygiene while constructing kitchen equipment. We are well-known for our High-Quality equipment. Hariom kitchens deal in the best quality commercial catering equipment with maintaining wellness guidelines. We show reliability and satisfaction towards our clients.

We are a top Commercial Kitchen equipment Company. However, Some corporations sell unhygienic bad quality kitchen equipment. They're not going to provide the required ability and capacity you need if you'll regularly use them. This situation can result in your business spending more in the end. Hariom kitchen can construct commercial kitchens for residential homes and desi restaurants.

Why Choosing Hariom Equipment?

Are you planning to build a fresh Commercial kitchen? or remodel your Kitchen. No matter the process of designing an efficient kitchen, Hariom equipment will provide you with all the necessary setup for your commercial Cuisine. This Hariom equipment business has a group of professionals with high expertise and more than 20 years of experience. We are the best commercial appliance manufacturers in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Kitchens in hotels, eateries, and restaurants might need additional appliances or types of utensils.


We are the best commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in India. We utilize the most current efficient methods of control in the production process. We are top-of-line Kitchen Commercial Equipment Manufacturers. Our experts put together a list of professional kitchen accessories, To ensure your needs.

We also construct various trending commercial galleys like Double islands, slab Backsplash, etc. We utilize the most efficient management methods to preserve the latest industrial look during the manufacturing process. We also manufacture and supply the best commercial kitchen appliances for the home.

Commercial Kitchen equipment essential checklist

  • industrial cooking equipment(Tava, heavy burner range)
  • Commercial Dishwashing Equipment and tools
  • Commercial Grills and broilers
  • food service equipment(trolley)
  • Commercial Ovens
  • Food Counters
  • Commercial Fryers
  • Toaster machine
  • Fridge freezer
  • Dishwasher
  • Electric cooker
  • Countertop fryer
  • fridge
  • Food Compartments
  • Cooking kettles
  • Dustbin
  • Steam cooker
  • Slicer
  • Washing sink
  • napkins
  • Tables
  • wand-type blenders
  • Menus
  • Food preparing sink
  • wooden spoons
  • Gas Range
  • Range ovens
  • Small Counters
  • Countertop griddle
  • Spoon
  • Knives
  • Trolleys and Racks
  • Burner
  • Gas chulha
  • Gas stove
  • Worktable
  • Portable stove
  • Single, double, three Sink Unit
  • Blender
  • Display racks
  • whisk
  • Beef Mincer

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