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Hotel Kitchen Equipment

A Complete Guide to find the best Hotel kitchen equipment

Looking for the best Hotel Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers who provide the top kitchen equipment for your hotel at low prices.

This is a complete purchasing guide regarding hotel utensils, menu, supplies, planning, advantages, 5-star equipment, and many more.

Hotel and Kitchen equipment-Menu, Supplies, and Uses

There is no notable difference between hotel kitchens or the kitchens we use in a household. Kitchen equipment of hotels can include a Washing sink for plates and other equipment. An oven is like a pizza oven. A scale. A shelf for keeping various kitchen items and materials like spoons and knives, slicers, trolleys for holding and serving foods. Trolleys also come with different types like Thali and Plain Basket trolleys.
A fryer for cooking foods that consume oils. Griddles, blenders. Lastly, all necessary Table and sink for keeping foods items. All these are essential checklists and kitchen equipment used in hotels. The processes require high and heavy quality equipment or appliances. These are some equipment names used in the hotel kitchen. Hence you required the top hotel Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers.

Hotel Kitchen-Building, Planning, Prices

Hariom equipment provides you with all the necessary facilities for manufacturing your hotel kitchen. We offer good ideas and setup with design, arrangement, accessories, utensils or tools, and the area. We also construct kitchens for hotel rooms. We maintain the kitchen size to ensure you can operate your kitchen equipment nicely. We can design your hotel kitchen appliance to avoid any problems while providing dinner services to your customers. We provide you with this equipment with low and affordable kitchen setup costs: hospital kitchen equipment, Cafeteria kitchen equipment, and cafe equipment are available at a low price. Therefore we are called the best hotel kitchen equipment manufacturers in Mumbai.

hotel kitchen appliances Utensils for hotel

Hariom understands the value of customers, and we ensure they don't miss their valuable family dinner time. We provide all these facilities to small hotels fully equipped with essential hotel kitchen utensils. If you are plotting to set up a hotel kitchen, you can Contact Us. We are the best hotel utensils supplier.

Kitchenettes are used in hotels to prepare food for guests or customers. It is used to store food in massive amounts. Hotel Cuisine is different from everyday kitchens you find at home. There will be lots of customers visiting at hotels. That's Why hotels have to prepare foods in bulk and quality kitchen equipment. If you run a hotel, you can understand your guest's quality and quantity of food.

We provide 5-star Hotel Kitchen manufacturing services

Most companies do not use quality materials to build their accessories for Kitchens or Scullery. Hence the lousy quality of Cookhouse setup can result in wastage of money, time, and most importantly, customers satisfaction. Hariom Kitchen Manufacturer and construct equipment used in a 5-star hotel kitchen with the help of stainless steel Materials. These types of Manufacturing techniques ensure the most trending equipment used in the hotel industry. Hariom equipment is the best 5-star hotel kitchen equipment manufacturers.

Hotel Kitchen Equipment Manufacturer in Mumbai

Hariom Equipment builds Canteen with different designs and styles according to our customers. Other Kitchens or mess designs include U-Shaped, L-Shaped, Galley, Island, Peninsula Kitchens, etc. We Manufacture all kinds of designs and structures that are reliable and suitable for our clients. Based on the requirements of our customers, We supply and install the hotel kitchen equipment and fixtures needed to run a hotel in huge quantities. We are the Top hotel kitchen equipment manufacturers in Maharashtra, India.

Used hotel Kitchen Equipment

Many enterprises buy second-hand hotel kitchen equipment for their business. Second hand equipment is less expensive than new equipment. That's why many startups tend to buy old hotel kitchen equipment. Old kitchen equipment may work efficiently for a particular time, but they are not suitable for your business. But gradually old or refurbished equipment breaks easily or gets damaged. Hence many corporations sell this used hotel equipment in Mumbai and different states. Believe it or not, it has no use. Buy new and fresh Hotel Kitchen equipment from Hariom. We provide the best hotel equipment suppliers in Mumbai. Our products are made with excellent quality raw materials and offer discounts for hotel kitchen equipment.

Small hotel kitchen equipment

We manufacture and supply heavy and small hotel kitchen equipment at low-budget prices. Small kitchen equipment acts as a helping hand for any activities performed in the kitchen. E.g., knives are used to cut vegetables. Spoons are used for mixing and eating purposes, cutting boards, etc. Small equipment is mandatory, and every kitchen should have this equipment.

  • knife
  • Cooks Fork
  • Cutting Board
  • Spoon
  • Tongs
  • Straight, Balanced, and Rubber spatula
  • Board tool
  • Skimmer
  • Blender
  • Pan
  • Vegetable Peeler


We are the best manufacturer, Supplier, and Wholesaler of hotel kitchen equipment. Hariom Equipment is the most experienced in producing and manufacturing Hotel Equipment. We employ the right people with the right experience in their jobs. Food businesses require top-quality utensils and equipment and the proper facilities for running their establishments. That's why we add an excellent setup for the kitchen department in the hotel.

Hotel Kitchen equipment List

  • flat top grill
  • electric mixer
  • bain-marie
  • electric rice boiler commercial
  • fridge
  • Cold Display Counter
  • electric fridge
  • egg slicer
  • deep fryer
  • hand juicer
  • kitchen scissors
  • knives
  • measuring spoon
  • electric knives
  • plain rolling pin
  • piping bag
  • piping nozzles
  • potato scoop
  • Linen Trolley
  • Hot Plates
  • olive stoner
  • Tandoor
  • scraper
  • stoner
  • Pick Up Counter
  • hot pres
  • Tea Trolley
  • Trolleys and Racks
  • wand-type blenders
  • whisk
  • wooden spoons
  • Gas Range
  • Beef Mincer
  • Blender
  • Single, double, three Sink Unit
  • Plate Rack
  • Potato Peeler
  • Hand Wash Unit
  • Bakery Equipment
  • Onion Chopping Machine
  • Vegetable Chopping Machine
  • Juicer
  • Platform Trolley
  • Food and water Serving Trolley
  • Sandwich Griller
  • Pot and Plate Rack
  • Plate Collecting Trolley bus
  • Pizza Oven
  • Deep Fat Fryer
  • Refrigerator( Single door, Double door)

hotel kitchen equipment manufacturers

hotel kitchen equipment manufacturers and suppliers hotel kitchen equipment suppliers

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