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Restaurant Kitchen Equipment

A Complete Guide to find the best Restaurant kitchen equipment

Looking for the best Restaurant kitchen equipment Manufacturers for your Kitchen? Then you got it!!!

This guide will get all info about Restaurant Kitchen equipment, list, plan, design, structure, advantages, and more details.
We supply a to z kitchen equipment. Stay tuned.

What is a Restaurant Kitchen?

Restaurant Kitchens are different from the Cookhouse you will find in every house. Restaurants are the places where customers order food. The order man will pull up the request. Later the order is prepared and cooked inside the Kitchen.

However, you don't need a big restaurant to do all these setups. You can manage and organize all necessary restaurant kitchen setup with the help of our Company. I.e., Hariom equipment.

Ideas, Design, Plan, and Structure for Restaurant Kitchen

Our Company provides kitchen consultation services to various clients for small restaurant kitchen setup. Hariom equipment is among the most advanced names in the kitchen market. We select the best flooring plan, lightning, tiles, accessories, and countertops for your restaurant. An expert team handles all these tasks. Indian restaurant kitchen layout and dimensions are not easy to manage, but our workers are intelligent and ease all your tasks.

We give you the best kitchen ideas and provide the proper guidance so that you can operate your restaurant kitchen efficiently. We guarantee you provide 5-star restaurant professional kitchen accessories, utensils, and tools. Hariom's professionals Build an effective and engaging environment for the Kitchen and satisfy all wellness and safety.

Good Quality Kitchen tools and equipment for restaurant

We make sure our products are well manufactured and built with high-quality materials. We construct our Kitchen equipment and utensils with stainless steel. There are many benefits when all your tools and gadgets are made with the finest materials. Stainless steel, aluminum, and irons are kitchen materials names we use. Many companies promise to supply this equipment in bulk.

After some, they create problems like creak, appear black, broken handles, etc. All these situations can affect your business. Hence choosing the top Restaurant Kitchen equipment Manufacturers becomes essential. Hariom equipment sells all types of industrial cooking and catering equipment also.

Requirements for Small Restaurant Kitchen

Restaurant kitchens require Heavy and optimum quality Kitchens equipment and tools. As we know, restaurants need to prepare foods in more significant quantities to meet every client's requirement. The requirement for a Commercial restaurant kitchen is high, but a small restaurant needs essential tools and equipment to perform all cooking activities.

You will need an excellent Restaurant Kitchen Equipment Manufacturer for doing these tasks. Good and top-quality Kitchen equipment and accessories will help you a lot with your work. We supply local equipment and accessories for small-scale restaurants.

Restaurant Kitchen Utensils and Uses

Good or Small restaurant Kitchen contains ovens, ranges, slicers, food preparation boards, Sink for washing or keeping food items, food storage equipment like freezers, other appliances like stove, etc. All this equipment is required for a restaurant. Ovens and ranges are used to provide heat to already prepared doofs.

Freezers help to keep foods cool and prevent food spoilage. We manufacture the most acceptable range of surplus restaurant kitchen equipment and cost you an affordable price compared to any other corporation. Hariom equipment is the best Restaurant kitchen equipment manufacturer and supplier in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Actions Required for a Strong Restaurant Plan.

  • We create a short Dictionary of tools that you want.
  • Now we design the blueprint and based on that. We construct an essential organization and layout of your restaurant or Canteen.
  • Securing the other plane-like floor.
  • We are finalizing the theme of your Kitchen Design.
  • Choosing the right and high-quality Material to build your Kitchen equipment and design.
  • Finalizing your Restaurant Kitchen or mess.

Second-hand restaurant kitchen equipment

Every piece of equipment used in the Kitchen loses efficiency to provide necessary services. Many enterprises refurbished these tools and accessories and tried to sell used kitchen equipment in Mumbai and different states. Used equipment is not suitable for professional kitchens.

Refurbished kitchen equipment is easily breakable, less reliable, and has enough strength. Hence there are lots of disadvantages of buying second-hand restaurant kitchen equipment. You can buy new kitchen equipment at a low-budget price from Hariom equipment.

Kitchen equipment for fast food restaurant

Hariom equipment understands the importance of fast foods. This fast foods equipment are prepared for unique customers as per their requirement. Hence it also required excellent quality of equipment. Hariom is the best Fast food restaurant kitchen equipment manufacturer.

Steps to follow before starting a restaurant business in India

  • Have an average Budget.
  • Choose the correct address to target more customers.
  • Start with a blueprint, structure, and basic design.
  • Add up all necessary lights and customer's tables.
  • Add essential small and heavy kitchen types of equipment.
  • Buy kitchen equipment from a good Manufacturer and Supplier. (e.g., Hariom equipment)
  • Lastly, Grab a good team of workers.

You can understand Kitchen equipment purchasing guides and plans for your business or Company by the following steps.

Cost Saving steps you should follow before starting a Restaurant

  • Create an essential strategy to buy your equipment on a short budget.
  • Ask for a discount for buying products in bulk.
  • Buy all trending equipment only from a good manufacturer and supplier.
  • Handle and Maintain a record of prices.
  • Give incentives to workers if needed.

Hariom equipment is the best restaurant kitchen equipment wholesale in India. You can buy equipment on a low budget.

Role of Modern Equipment in restaurant and Kitchen

Modern equipment makes work more accessible than old or second-hand equipment. Commercial equipment is known as modern equipment. This equipment is constructed to provide more performance and is made with excellent quality materials. Modern equipment allows us to complete our work in less time.

This equipment is reliable and must be used in every restaurant kitchen. On-demand of our customers or clients, we provide Quality Shipments. Hariom equipment offers the best Kitchen equipment purchasing directions and creative ideas for your enterprises.

Restaurant Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers in Mumbai

Hariom equipment is the best wholesaler of restaurant kitchen equipment in the market. We assure you of the lowest restaurant kitchen setup cost. Our Company supplies all types of cafeteria, Cafes, Commercial, Cooking equipment, Canteen kitchen equipment and industrial kitchen equipment.

Hariom equipment provides excellent customer service. We use top-quality manufacturing machines and mass production of our tools and utensils. We made our equipment top-quality to run smoothly for any business. We are Top Class Manufacturer and Suppliers.

Professional kitchen equipment for home

Home kitchens are the places where we prepare food for our family. Hence it requires good equipment, tools, articles, and accessories. Hariom equipment can design your home kitchen professionally. We provide good Kitchen consulting services. We add up all essential kitchen equipment required to make delicious food items.

Repair, restoration, and Support

Hariom equipment knows the importance of every business. That's why we have reliable Support for after-sales services. We support our clients if any of our products or equipment is damaged or requires maintenance. We do all activities of repair and restoration.


Hariom Equipment has the most skilled and professional workers manufacturing Restaurant Kitchen equipment. We keep an eye on every process and management technique to provide Quality restaurant equipment to our customers. Hariom Equipments has gathered an experienced quality control manpower, who helped gain fame around different states of India.

We design, plan, and Manufacture modern or commercial Cuisine equipment and set up appropriate for significantly smaller restaurants. Buy the Commercial restaurant equipment from the most trusted Hariom equipment. We sell the best Indian restaurant kitchen equipment.

Restaurant kitchen tools and equipment list

  • commercial deep freezer
  • Food Building Equipment
  • Two, Three Burner Indian Gas Range
  • Refrigerated Display Case
  • Rotary and Standard Oven
  • Heavy Duty Single, Twin Tank Countertop Deep Fryer
  • Cooking Equipment
  • Single, Twin Tank Standing Electric and Gas Fryer
  • Kitchen Service Equipment
  • Pantry - Fast Cooking food Equipment
  • Twin Tank Free Standing Gas Fryer
  • Gas Stove and Range
  • Hot Plates
  • Rice & Dal Vessel
  • Steam Cooking
  • Kitchen Trolleys and Stands
  • Work Desk with a Sink
  • Wet, Dry Pulveriser
  • Work & Service Section
  • Pot Laundry
  • Tandoor
  • Pot Holder and Plate Stand
  • Single, Two, Three Burner Chinese Gas Range
  • Chapati with Puffer Plate
  • Single Burner Indian Gas Range
  • Grill Plate
  • Chapati Plate
  • Steam Boiler, Milk Container
  • Rumali Roti Counter
  • Stainless Steel Tandoor
  • Vertical Commercial fridge
  • Onion Cutting Machine
  • Wet Grinder Regular and Tilting
  • Meat Mincer
  • Blender
  • Potato Peeler and Smasher
  • Food, Water, Hot food Serving Trolley
  • Dump Furniture
  • Lassi and chapati Machine
  • Milk Kettle
  • Dough Kneader
  • Work and Masala Table with Sink
  • Pick Up Table
  • Tea and Pot Moving Trolley
  • Plate and Pot Shelf
  • Platform and Masala Trolley
  • Bain Marie Service Counter
  • Deep Fat Fryer
  • Idli Steamer
  • Plate assemble Trolley
  • SS Tray Dryer Machine and Steam Coils
  • Single, Two, Three Sink Unit along with the plate
  • Hand Wash Assembly Plate & Pot Rack
  • Green Vegetable Cutting Table
  • Pizza Stove
  • Commercial Gas Range
  • Table Top fridge or refrigerator
  • Single and Dual Chamber Sandwich Griller
  • Pav Bhaji Display Counter
  • Canteen Furniture and table
  • work table with sink

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