"HariOm Equipments" is a well-known manufacturer, supplier, dealer, wholesaler of All types of Commercial Kitchen Equipment for the Canteen, Hospital, Cafeteria, Industries, cafes, Hotel, and Restaurant. We also provide consultation services which include kitchen planning, designing, remolding.

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Kitchen Equipment

A Complete Guide to find the best kitchen equipment

This is the complete purchasing info about excellent Equipment used in the Kitchen and how to find good Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers.

If you are looking to:

You will get a to z purchasing guide about commercial kitchen utensils.Buy the best Kitchen Equipment at the lowest price in Mumbai, India.

Kitchen equipment, tools, and accessories are made with high-quality stainless steel materials.

Excellent designing and consulting services for your Kitchen. Then you will love this guide. Let's have a look.

What is Kitchen Equipment?

Good Canteen facilities make our work a lot easier. This Equipment is smart and knows all your work. Hence design in such a way or according to comfort. This Equipment has different sizes and is Manufactured according to Use. Big Equipment is used in Industries, Hotels, Restaurants, and many more to prepare foods in large volumes.

That's why a Commercial Kitchen requires heavy Equipment to small Equipment in Kitchen. Hariom Equipment knows the importance of kitchen work. Hence choosing the right Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers for your business becomes necessary.

How Does Kitchen Equipment Help?

The Kitchen contains a wide range of foods or kitchen equipment like Fridge freezer, oven, steam, plates, kettle, Food warmer, sink unit, food prepare table, toaster, dishwasher, cooking pots, display counter, burner gas, bar counter, meal prepare table, and sink, deep fryer, sink units, dough sheeters, food chopper, boiler, burner ranges, fat fryer, dishwasher, are the kitchen equipment Checklist use in cooking.

All this equipment is installed in the Kitchen, helpful in preparing, cutting, cooking, and serving. These are basic info about kitchen equipment and its uses.

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Best Kitchen- Layout, Planning, Setup

We do a great job of Kitchen Designing and Planner layout. We understand the basic plan according to our client's view. We design and build Kitchen Equipment and setup. After that, we optimize your Cafe or Cuisine with rudimentary drawings and add all the essential elements and Outfits you need in your kitchen.

After finalizing dimension, design, layout, and structure, we manufacture all kitchen accessories and tools and offer you excellent kitchen services. We have the best worker and a professional team of constructors to fabricate the most pleasing kitchen structure. We offer you a well-designed crown kitchen look and feel. Based on our Clients' demands, we provide design ideas related to your commercial Kitchen.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers

We manufacture Kitchen Equipment with fine quality stainless steel Materials. We already know the importance of every Equipment and the workers working in the Cookrooms as chefs. You will often absorb that your Equipment creates problems like handle break and black matter occurs on every Equipment.

We give assurance that we build every kitchen cooking utensils with the highest-quality materials. We have a wide quality control manager who looks for every process while manufacturing these Kitchen devices. Our Equipment quality is Guaranteed and supplies our tools and accessories are different states of India.

Quality of Commercial kitchen equipment.

We ensure that we maintain equipment quality and provide you with the best services. We produce a variety of galley equipment, including the commercial galley baking, gas stove, and more Refrigeration, hot Pantry Equipment, and fabrication Utensils. We also manufacture and supply equipment like Vulcan.

Good Kitchen Utensils and tools?

Knives, board, sharpener, heat, colander, etc., are some kitchen utensils and equipment list used in the Kitchen. Kitchen utensils consist of lots of durabilities if made with excellence. We manufacture and supply kitchen utensils with stainless steel, aluminum, and irons.

We are professional kitchen utensils suppliers in Mumbai, India. A good quality Kitchen stand supports all kitchen utensils. That's Why we make the best stand for kitchen utensils.

Kitchen equipment manufacturers in Mumbai

We produce a variety of galley equipment, including the commercial kitchen, gas stove, and more Refrigeration, hot Pantry Equipment, and fabrication Utensils. Hariom equipment is the top Kitchen Equipment Manufacturer in Mumbai, India. We design and build Kitchen Equipment and setup for small entities too. We have the best worker and professional team of constructors and manufacturers.

Based on our Clients' demand, we supply this Kitchen equipment and gadgets in bulk. We are Professional Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers of Heavy Kitchen equipment. We use the best Management methods to manage our supply chain. We maintain a watch on the collection chain to guarantee you the best results. Hariom equipment is the top kitchen equipment manufacturer in Maharashtra.

Food equipment manufacturers

We manufacture Food Equipment with good quality Fabrics and textiles. We already know the importance of food Equipment and the workers working in the Cookrooms as chefs. That's why we made Equipment in reliable methods so that no one faces any issue while operating this Equipment.

Whether the enterprise is small or big, We construct kitchen equipment for every business. Hariom equipment is the best food equipment manufacturer in Mumbai and Maharashtra.

Used Kitchen Equipment

We don't usually sell second-hand kitchen equipment. Old and refurbished kitchen equipment are not acceptable for your New or Commercial Kitchen. It's good to buy new and branded kitchen equipment from Hariom kitchens.

We are the best commercial appliance manufacturers at low prices. Hence Hariom is the professional constructor and fabricator of kitchen equipment.

Cold storage and its types

Cold storage equipment is used in the Kitchen. This Equipment can be an icebox, freezer, or refrigerator called cold storage equipment. Generally, this Equipment is used to provide cooling to all foods.

These processes can help foods stay fresh and prevent them from spoiling. There are different room designs for food items like potato, Meat, onion, seafood, and dairy products like milk.

Equipment for Food serving

Foods serving Equipment are the smaller tools and utensils used in the Kitchen. Spoons, knives, plates, pots for washing hands, tongs, and specula are food serving equipment. We grip an eye on the stock series to assure you the best outcomes. Hariom equipment is the best food equipment manufacturers.

Our Superior Business and sales

We have a comprehensive quality control manager who looks for every process while manufacturing Kitchen equipment. Kitchen equipment accessories manufacturers like us have to Maintain our sales and clients' trust.

Our Equipment quality is Guaranteed and supplies our tools and accessories are different states of India. We install excellent Equipment and accessories for your Kitchen. We are the best seller of Commercial and superior kitchen equipment in Mumbai.

Our Premium Services

We are not new in the Cuisine or Canteen Equipment Manufacturer industry. We have successfully placed ourselves in international and domestic trade and have been in the field since 2004 to manufacture Kitchen Equipment.

Stainless steel, iron, and aluminum are materials and tools Hariom equipment used to make kitchen tools and Equipment. We are the finest ss kitchen equipment manufacturers. Hariom Equipment Continues to grow even further and gain so much trust from Clients around India and international trade.

What We do, Our Occupation & Foundation

We provide excellent quality Commercial kitchen equipment, tools, articles, and accessories. We provide this Equipment for all enterprises like hotels, restaurants, Industries, canteens, and cafeterias.

We also provide Kitchen consulting services. We are the top manufacturer, dealer, and supplier of Kitchen Equipments in Mumbai.

How do you Find and Contact Us?

You can directly call us on ( 02228571079). You can find us on Ansa H Industrial Premises Cooperative Society Limited, c-115, Saki Vihar Rd, Saki Naka, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400072.

After-sales Services

If you face any problems related to any kitchen equipment taken from Hariom equipment, we are always available 24/7. We will solve all your queries or problems and provide kitchen equipment repair. All the way, Hariom equipment is the top kitchen equipment manufacturing company.

Advantages of Choosing Us?

A good kitchen consultant can save lots of money. Our professionals can eliminate all unnecessary tools and articles which can increase your budget. Hence choosing Hariom Equipment is your best decision. We are an all-rounder in our work and provide you with the best reliable services with professional kitchen accessories.

Manufacturing kitchen equipment requires excellent machinery and employees. Hariom equipment has all the required facilities. That's why we are the best kitchen equipment, wholesale suppliers.

Consultation Services For your Commercial Kitchen

  • We provide one of the best Kitchen consulting services. We use the best Management methods to manage our supply chain.
  • First, We create an excellent outline of your Kitchen.
  • After the diagram, We composed the best Kitchen mapping and plan.
  • We also provide various color combinations, design walls, flooring, and required tiles suitable for your Kitchen. That's why we are the best kitchen equipment, wholesale suppliers.


Hariom equipment is from the top 10 Kitchen equipment Manufacturers in India. Hariom equipment has excellent kitchen manufacturing equipment and employees. We offer great deals on kitchen appliances. We construct things used in the Kitchen.

We provide the best Kitchen products, tools, utensils, accessories, gadgets, appliances, and items. Hariom also provides services for professional kitchen equipment for homes. We are the best kitchen equipment suppliers in Mumbai.

Now the question arises: How does commercial kitchen equipment differ from standard kitchen equipment?

Regular Kitchen helps prepare foods for tiny family members or limited people. But if you have a commercial kitchen and commercial Equipment, you can prepare and sell food in bulk. Hariom equipment deals with the best quality of Commercial kitchens in India.

Why do businesses require the best kitchen cabinets?

Kitchen Cabinets or food storage containers are an essential help hand present in kitchens. The primary functions of Cabinets are to store foods and materials required to cook foods. You can buy excellent kitchen cabinets from Hariom kitchens at a low price.

We manufacture different types of kitchen cabinets suitable for every type of Kitchen. Wall, Tall, Drawers, doors, base, distressed, beadboard, insert are some of the lists of kitchen cabinets we manufacture and supply.

Kitchen Equipment List

  • dishwasher
  • combination oven
  • commercial steamer
  • Tandoor area
  • bain Marie counter
  • pizza oven tools
  • commercial dishwasher
  • commercial food steamer
  • commercial stove and oven
  • food preparation tools
  • convection steamer
  • Tandoor
  • holding oven
  • Wet Grinder Regular and Tilting
  • rapid cook oven
  • olive stoner
  • salamander cooking equipment
  • stainless commercial sink
  • Meat Mincer
  • Hot Plates
  • kitchen meat slicer
  • electric rotisserie oven
  • stoner
  • kitchen small wares
  • stainless steel table with shelves
  • commercial steam kettle
  • scraper
  • Live Tables
  • Exhaust Accessories
  • catering fridge freezer
  • broiler cooking equipment
  • Blender
  • Work Table Washbasin
  • Trolleys & Racks
  • heavy cooking equipment
  • Dining Table
  • Pizza Stove
  • Vertical Refrigerators
  • small industrial dishwasher
  • kitchen steel box
  • Sweet Making Machine and Equipment

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